Dream Wedding Organization

Dream Wedding Organization. We know how to make your celebration unforgettable!

Reception Group understands and knows what a Wedding is all about. It’s not just pleasant chores, organizing the celebration, but also the most exciting moments in your life. They should stay in memory forever, give positive emotions at the first recollection, warm the soul and speak of Love over and over again.

We’ll provide full support and organization for the celebration. You’ll only need to enjoy each other, and the guests will admire the perfectly beautiful couple in an unforgettable festive atmosphere.

Just for you:

We can be trusted, and the feedback from our clients only confirms this.

But what is a dream wedding?

Dream Wedding Organization. This day – only yours.

Every aspect of the wedding is important: the atmosphere, the hall decoration, the dishes from leading chefs, and light romantic music. Reception Group will think through everything to the smallest detail:

Plan the most important event in your life down to the minute;
Meet and seat the guests, delighting them with delicate compliments;
Prepare a menu that no guest will be able to forget.

Personal concierges, top-notch service, professional and unobtrusive work. For Reception Group, the main thing is – both of you.

Venue: Italy, Moscow, Dubai? The choice is yours. We specialize in organizing weddings in various locations, such as a wedding on Lake Como in Italy. Need a “turnkey” wedding organization in Dubai? Just call the company Reception at any time and we will start organizing the celebration.

Decor and style

Creating an atmosphere of celebration that reflects the couple’s individuality and makes the day unique is crucial. Reception professionals will create an environment that will remain in memory for a long time, and you will remember the romantic moments every family evening.

Music and entertainment

Selecting artists and musical accompaniment that will make your celebration bright and fun.

“Organizing a wedding is not just a pleasant event, but a necessity:

The company RECEPTION takes care of all the nuances of organizing a wedding and offers you a “turnkey” event. Trust us, and you won’t regret the result.

RECEPTION organizes performances of world-renowned stars, takes care of their transfer and accommodation, and ensures the fulfillment of the rider. You’ll only need to enjoy live music throughout the evening.

Our capabilities: Take a look at the Reception Group Gallery. There’s nothing impossible for us:

But most importantly, we will create absolutely any atmosphere for your wedding: classic and quiet, bright or filled with emotions, restrained and passionate. The choice is yours!

Reception Group doesn’t just provide premium-class services for organizing “turnkey” weddings. We make the event unique, full of joy, happiness, and love. In our agency, you will find not only professionalism and experience, but also warmth, attention to your desires, and the readiness to do everything possible to make your day perfect.

Dream Wedding Organization